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What You Gain from Arming Your Home

Why Set Up a Security System in the First Place?

There is no greater threat to burglars than a reliable security system. Even the most standard system available for sale comes with door and window sensors, a motion sensor, a control panel, and a 24/7 professional monitoring service – each of which sets the burglar up for failure.

How to Take Full Advantage of Your System?

Generally speaking, most home security system providers sell their individual devices and offer three different bundles of them with warranties and services paid for monthly in return for a 2 or 3-year commitment. For the most part, providers present their services in three prepackaged deals for you to choose from. Frontpoint, for instance, has three monitoring plans – Protection, Interactive, and Ultimate – the Protection plan will give you basic intrusion protection equipment, but you won’t get the handy doorbell camera found with the Ultimate plan.

Look over the three tiers of monitoring packages common with providers and decide on the right kind of system to arm your home with.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Every home security system provider is willing to monitor your home for you. Using the equipment that comes with the deal of your choice, numerous monitoring stations located in all corners of the country are closely monitoring the goings on of your system. If a burglar breaks the glass to your living room window, a glass-break sensor picks up on the resonant sound and sets off an alarm - at the other end, a monitoring agent receives the alert and calls to check on you; if it isn’t a false alarm, they’ll quickly alert the authorities for you.

Window/Door Sensors

The front door and first-floor windows to your home are the main entry points of choice to most burglars according to the FBI’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report. With your front door and first-floor windows targeted 34% and 23% of the time, respectively, it’s only right that the contact sensors be there to alert the authorities immediately in the case of a break-in.

All top home security system companies include a number of window and door sensors in even the most basic of their packages.

Motion Sensor

When a burglar is inside the home, they try to stay in the dark and keep as quiet as humanly possible. But a motion sensor won’t let that help them. Built to detect movement when armed, this nifty device will sound the alarm if the intruder finds their way to your belongings. Don’t worry, the motion sensor is designed with your pet in mind. A simple flick of the switch on the back of the device will set the sensor to pet-proof mode, which works by excluding a certain weight class (your pet’s) from setting off an alarm.

Key Fob

Common with most standard home security packages, the keychain remote allows you to execute the most basic and go-to commands – such as arming and disarming - from anywhere within your control panel’s working radius. If your phone battery is dead or the control panel is impractically far away, the pocket-sized key fob brings those essential commands to you. Add to that the panic button commonly found among these push-button controls.

If you have an elderly or a disabled loved one living in your home, this simple solution can bring you peace of mind.

Text & Email Alerts

Although it can sometimes be exclusive to midrange and higher-end monitoring packages, the text and email alerts feature helps you attend to your system’s daily milestones. If your garage door is opened or closed, a window is broken into, the motion sensor caught someone in your living room, or kids came home from school, you will be notified via text and email alerts to keep you on top of the ins and outs of your home.

Control Panel

These are the central hubs of your entire system. They give you complete control over each of your components and let you arm and disarm your system at whim. Any scheduled actions you want your home security system to take on the daily can be set from the control panel. It can even make the area it hangs in look more upscale and modern, such is the case with Vivint’s SkyControl which has a soft shape and seamless functionality easy for you to control.

Warranty Service

It’s always going to be up to you whether you take advantage of the terms that pertain to your provider’s warranty. Service terms vary but you do have options. Some businesses are vague in the way they present their warranty terms, while others are clear and straightforward. If this is a deal breaker for you, providers like Protect America pride themselves on sticking to their word regarding their warranty terms. In action, their Lifetime Equipment Warranty allows you to replace any faulty device for as long as you remain current on your monthly payments.

Special Offers

Virtually, every top business in this field has a special offer that new customers can benefit from. Offers vary from one company to another, but you’ll always find something for you. Frontpoint is currently offering their stylish indoor camera for $50 off.

There is no telling when and where a burglar will strike, but you can rest assured knowing that you helped bring those chances down just by having a security system installed in your home.

With a professional monitoring station watching over you using window and door sensors, motion sensors, and control panel, you won’t be left to combat an intruder on your own. Plus, you don’t have to spend a fortune on such services, there is an abundance of special offers and straightforward providers to choose from.