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Advanced Home Protection

Keep your family with the 24-hour protection of a new home security system.

Remote Access & Alerts

Check on your family and pets and get security alerts with an easy-to-use app.

Keep Intruders Away

A home alarm system will prevent break-ins and quickly scare away intruders.

Smart Home Enabled

Add your alarm system to your smart home for more control and convenience.

Lower Insurance Bills

Save big on your homeowners insurance with a new security system.

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Get Peace of Mind With a New Home Security System

Superior Home Protection

Deter intruders and protect your home and family with a new security system with 24-hour monitoring. Choose from a variety of security system options and features including window and door sensors, pet-proof motion detectors, security cameras and more. Plus, add more services like medical and fire protection.

Different Systems and Plans Available

From basic protection to complete video surveillance, our security contractors offer a variety of systems and plans to fit your needs. The basic systems have a control panel and window and door sensors but you can also add motion detectors, HD surveillance cameras and more for added security. You can even add medical alert coverage as well as fire and water damage protection.

24-Hour Home Monitoring

Every security system comes with round-the-clock home monitoring to ensure your home and family are safe. Your monitoring protection includes alerts if doors or windows are unexpectedly opened as well as if there is a break-in or disaster. Plus, they will quickly dispatch the police or fire department.

Control Panel

Your new home security system comes with a control panel for ease of use. Easily arm and disarm your system, schedule actions or even turn on individual components. Choose from classic button panels or touch screen models for a sleek, modern look.

Window and Door Sensors

Contact sensors are one the most common parts of any home security system. One part is installed on the window or door while a second piece is attached to the door jam or window sill. If someone tries to open them unexpectedly, it trips the sensor and sets off the alarm.

Pet-Proof Motion Detectors

Motion detectors add additional security by sensing if someone is moving outside or even inside your home. Usually, exterior motion detectors will turn on security lights while sensors inside will set off the alarm. However, you can configure your system for the right level of security. Plus, you can adjust the sensors so pets do not set them off accidentally.

Glass Break Detectors

For added protection, you can add glass break detectors. When placed near windows or glass doors, these small sensors listen for the frequency of shattering glass. Since they are small and inexpensive, they make a great addition to any home security system.

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

For more comprehensive protection, you can even add indoor and outdoor security cameras. Most modern surveillance cameras are both small and inexpensive while providing a high-quality picture. Plus, the footage is stored in the cloud and you can watch your cameras from your computer or smartphone at any time.

Additional Protection

You can also easily add other services to your alarm system. Optional services include smoke and fire alarms, carbon monoxide detection, and flood or water leak alarms. You can even add medical alert protection.

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